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Dawn Did It!

From hurting on neighborhood walks to boundary waters hiking and portaging—Dawn made incredible improvements with MOTIV Physical Therapy!

How she Started ➡️ Ended:

  • Hip pain: 6/10 ➡️ 0/10

  • Hip strength: C- ➡️ A-

  • Core strength: D- ➡️ B

  • 🚶‍♀️Walking: limited and painful ➡️ Boundary Waters portaging without pain

  • 😴 Sleeping: interrupt due to pain ➡️ Sleeping through the night

Here’s what we did:

Dawn came to us with reports of lateral and anterior hip pain. We met camera to camera on Dawn’s 💻 and performed a 30 minute Body Assessment. Testing proved consistent with an abductor strain and some elements of trochanteric bursitis and hip flexor tendinitis.

Dawn’s plan involved progressive strengthening that included over 35 different exercises that got harder as she got stronger. We sent our super cute Fit Kit with resistance bands and tubing and a massage ball to teach some self releases on tight muscle groups.

Exercises increased in difficulty as Dawn’s body was ready for them. First she learned to activate and strengthen the deeper stabilizing muscle groups to allow her to safely advance to the bigger, more dynamic exercises.

Dawn kicked butt. 🦵🍑 And we are so proud of her!

At motivPT, we'll get you moving in a healthy way. If you have pain, weakness, or imbalance, consider booking with us for an online Physical Therapy routine customized to fit your individual needs. Book your free 15 minute consult to talk with Dr. Alex about your specific concerns and to learn more about how we work!

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