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motivPT delivers high-impact virtual physical therapy and movement training in a fun and user-friendly design to help people fully engage in their lives.

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Our values lead the way.


motivPT works to affect meaningful change in people’s lives, allowing them to continue with, advance, or initiate their commitment to personal health and activity.


We know you're busy. motivPT patients can access skilled physical therapy services from their homes, communities, or wherever they find themselves. 


When an injury threatens participation in beloved activities, it can result in stress, fear, and anxiousness. motivPT creates experiences and content that allow people to smile, laugh, and enjoy the process of their recovery.



We know people who commit to their exercise programming will achieve the best possible results. motivPT returns that commitment to seeing our patients achieve their health and fitness goals.

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It's about YOU 

motivPT is consumer-driven and doesn't contract with insurance companies, so we're not reliant on physician referrals or insurance stipulations.


motivPT offers more bang for your buck. We provide 6-8 weeks of physical therapy or movement therapy service at a cost you would pay for 2-3 visits at most clinics. We do not contract with insurance companies, where most consumers have high deductibles and high co-pays that add additional cost to your care. We do offer ‘superbills’ as receipts to submit to your insurance to go toward your out of network deductible for potential reimbursement. 

Virtual means Flexible

motivPT differs from traditional physical therapy movement training in that it’s not clinic-based. Patients scheduled their own meetings and can engage in their physical therapy or movement training from anywhere they have their device using our patient portal.

Home Exercise Playlist

motivPT's Home Exercise Playlist is a fun and effective way to complete your daily PT exercises. Our app allows patients to follow Dr. Alex as they perform each of their daily exercises. Each video is set to music, provides daily education, and will change based on follow-up visits. 

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