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Where’s Your Butt In That Chair?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

When sitting, your hip position in your chair can make a big difference on your lower back. This is especially true for folks with disc bulges or herniations causing pain down the hip, back of the leg, or into the shin/foot.

  1. No good. This is how we want to sit. Our back is rounded out and unsupported, which increases disc pressure on the nerves of our spine (think couch sitting 🛋).

  2. Acceptable. This is how we should sit, with our hips back in our chairs. Our spine is long, but this chair offers no lumbar or low back support.

  3. Ideal. Our hips are back; this is how we make up for a chair with poor lumbar support. Roll up a hand towel or small bath towel to place on your low back. Here, our back is stacked up and respecting our natural curves in our spines.

Picking a safe and comfortable sitting posture is particularly important if you’re one of those folks who spends lots of time on a computer! 🧑‍💻

Happy sitting!

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