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Wrist or Elbow Pain At Work? Try This!

When we type on a keyboard or use a mouse, our wrists are placed in an extended position. And because work or school demands long chunks of time on the computer, our wrists spend a lot of time in active extension.

The wrist extensors (many of which attach to the outside part of the elbow) help lift your knuckles toward the ceiling, and you can feel and see them contract by doing this motion. But muscles that spend a lot of time contracted can get shortened and repetitively stressed, so developing lateral elbow or forearm pain isn’t uncommon.

Today, we have two strategies to combat this wrist tightness and fatigue.

First, let’s give that area a stretch. Reference the photo and extend your arm forward with a straight elbow and palm down. Then, flex your wrist forward, and use the other hand to guide the wrist downward until you feel a nice stretch. 30-60 seconds is great, and you can do this every 60 minutes you are on the computer.

We also need some strategic strengthening. The exercise video shows an eccentric approach to targeting these wrist extensors. With the palm down and holding a light weight (a soup can is about 1#), lift the wrist in 1 count and slowly lower in 3 counts. Start with 10 reps, but work your way up to 15-20.

Do your wrists a favor and add these in to your routine.

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