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Strengthen the Muscles that Protect Your Shoulder

Your scapula (a.k.a. your shoulder blade) is the foundation from which many shoulder muscles connect, including your rotator cuff. So we want a steady foundation to help us protect our shoulders from injury so we can do all the fun things we want to do in life.

Scapular push-ups are one way of doing that.

Start in a plank position on your:

  • feet (hardest)

  • knees (a little easier)

  • Skip the plank and do a hands/knees crawling position (easiest)

Step 1. Here’s where everyone messes this up. Keep your elbows straight and draw your shoulder blades together and downward toward your back pockets. You’ll feel your chest sink toward the ground and the space between your shoulder blades dip. You’ll WANT to bend your elbows but you’ll keep them straight, because you know how to follow instruction!

Step 2. Actively press the floor away and feel the space between your shoulder blades round up and raise toward the ceiling.

Repeat - Go for reps of 10 or more, but stop if your technique is falling apart. Do a few sets.

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