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Spice Up Your Hip Bridge

Bridges are a great glute strengthener, which we’ve mentioned before in our How to Bridge video.

But variety is the spice of life, and you can get a little more out of your bridges by targeting your inner or outer thigh muscles while also strengthening your glutes.

For your Inner Thigh, take a small inflatable ball and place it between your knees—not everyone has a ball like this, so a yoga block or even a pillow will work. Establish a firm squeeze on the ball throughout the bridge, even at the top, to feel the adductor muscles of your inner thigh activate.

For your Outer Thigh, loop any resistance band around your knees—we can all agree the motivPT bands our patients get are by FAR the cutest. Your feet and knees should both stay 12”-18” apart, so don’t let the band pull your knees together. By keeping your knees separated, you’re adding demand to the hip’s outer abductor muscles.

The old standard of 3 sets of 10 reps works, but do the number that works for you. It should feel fatiguing, but good technique is more important than doing a couple extra sloppy reps.

Keep strong and bridge on!

At motivPT, we'll get you moving in a healthy way. If you have pain, weakness, or imbalance, consider booking with us for an online Physical Therapy routine customized to fit your individual needs. Book your free 15 minute consult to talk with Dr. Alex about your specific concerns and to learn more about how we work!

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