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Back Pain? Get Results NOW!

Meet Soren.

He is a construction worker who has struggled with low back and leg pain for years. He came to motivPT looking to live his active and healthy lifestyle without pain.

motivPT is convenient, fun, and effective. Don't believe us, take it from Soren:

"I am very much appreciating the motivPT program! I am a construction worker and I have struggled with leg and back pain from work for years. Dr. Alex quickly identified the issue and gave me a very concise and directed exercise regimen. I started seeing results within weeks, and we are able to go further to address some deep-seated posture issues. I was skeptical about the virtual aspect at first. But once I decided to do it I immediately saw that it wasn't going to be a problem. In fact, it's very convenient to be able to do the exercises on my own schedule. Dr. Alex is very available for check-ins at times that work for me and responds to questions I have promptly. Thank you! I definitely recommend motivPT! "

At motivPT, we'll get you moving in a healthy way. If you have pain, weakness, or imbalance, consider booking with us for an online Physical Therapy routine customized to fit your individual needs. Book your free 15-minute consult to talk with Dr. Alex about your specific concerns and to learn more about how we work!

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