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Pelvic Program

Introducing motivPT's transformative Pelvic Program, designed to empower and restore your pelvic well-being. We build your daily calendar, and you commit 15-20 minutes daily to exercises meant to retrain, reeducate, and strengthen your pelvic floor. All exercises are easy-to-follow videos you can access at a time of day that works for you. 

About our program

Introducing motivPT's transformative Pelvic Program, designed to empower and restore your pelvic well-being. This comprehensive program offers a personalized approach to address a wide range of pelvic health concerns, including urinary incontinence, prostate procedures, pelvic floor weakness, and postpartum recovery. Our highly skilled and compassionate physical therapists utilize evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge exercises to help you regain strength, improve mobility, and enhance overall pelvic health, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

How it works

  1. Sign up for your 6-week program. Create a login on our patient portal and select our Pelvic Program. Your exercises meant to help reduce or eliminate leaking urine will begin the day after you sign up.

  2. Commit. What we’re asking is 15-20 minutes per day to commit to your body and your health. Exercises change throughout the week and gradually advance in a way that’s both safe and effective for retraining your pelvic floor. So make the commitment to do your exercises daily. The calendar is accessed on your patient portal--you can use our website or our app to easily find the exercises assigned to you that day. In these next 6 weeks, you’ll do over 25 exercises, but never more than 20 minutes each day, or 2-3 exercises at a time.

  3. Improve. Our goal for you is a stronger, more capable pelvic floor, which means less leaking of urine with your day-to-day activities. People who keep up with their daily exercises have the best results.

  4. Connect. This one’s optional. Bladder control issues and leaking of urine can be quite personal, and it can be hard to talk about. This program allows you to address these concerns from the safety and comfort of your home without talking with someone if you don’t want to. But we want you to have the opportunity to connect with our expert, Dr. Renee, if you choose. You’ll have the option to purchase a 30-minute session with our expert if any specific needs or concerns come up.


Meet Dr. Renee

After several interesting careers and many valuable life experiences, Renee earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014 from the College of St. Scholastica in beautiful Duluth, Minnesota. She moved to the Chicago area in 2016 to focus on treatment of pelvic and abdominal conditions and receive mentoring in Visceral Manipulation techniques. Renee describes herself as an integrative manual PT. Her specialties include integrative manual techniques such as Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Balancing, Dry Needling, and Healing Touch as well as integrative exercise techniques including Hypopressive Exercise, Stott Rehab Pilates, and Qigong. She appreciates working with other holistic practitioners to meet patients' needs. 


Renee enjoys treating all genders and all conditions, but she especially loves closing diastasis recti (DRA), mobilizing scars, providing post-prostatectomy rehab, and assisting in post-surgical gender affirming care. She believes abdominopelvic PT is a vital part of a complete postpartum recovery and is crucial for a full return to one's chosen activities (and required activities) without pain, incontinence, or weakness after pregnancy and delivery.


When Renee is not working, she is usually with her young son and husband. Whenever possible, she enjoys working on her golf swing and attending dance-based group fitness classes.

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