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motivPT delivers high-impact virtual physical therapy and movement training in a fun and user-friendly design to help people fully engage in their lives.

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Introducing our transformative

Introducing motivPT's transformative Pelvic Program, designed to empower and restore your pelvic well-being. This comprehensive program offers a personalized approach to address pelvic health concerns, including urinary incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, prostate procedures, and postpartum recovery. Take control of your pelvic wellness today and experience the freedom and confidence you deserve.

Dr. Alex Loch
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Hi, I’m Alex.

Physical Therapist

I’m a professional dancer turned physical therapist who understands how injury can disrupt how we work and play. I take a movement-focused approach and specialize in working with those who are motivated to achieve their best selves and strive to fully participate in life. I have had the opportunity to work with patients across the spectrum of care; from patients learning to walk after a stroke, patients returning to work after injury, to professional ballet dancers honing their techniques and restoring muscle imbalances. If you are someone who is driven to keep moving and not afraid to put in a little work, motivPT is right for you. I can’t wait to meet you. 

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motivPT has been an invaluable experience as it has given me ongoing tools to manage not only my injuries and recovery but to continue to incorporate these exercises, stretches and tools into my daily routine of self-care.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Elaine

How it Works

motivPT on the Go

Your motivPT experience includes the use of our patient portal. Download the mobile app today!

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